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A special music format

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GIBFM Corporation is a media portal of non-format music. Are you tired of looking for high-quality tracks on the Web, while looking at a lot of second-rate tracks? Or are you a promising musician, undeservedly deprived of attention? We will help! GIBFM is a round-the-clock Internet radio station, unique information about favorite artists, an overview of the most interesting upcoming informal events, chatting and much more. All in one place!
Our sphere of interest is from Japanese and Brazilian gothic rock, born in the 80's, to an electric lock and new rave . Come and stay with us. GIBFM is a special music format.

Thanks to the application from PCRadio you will be able to listen to us on the road, in the country, in the car and wherever there is mobile Internet at a speed of 40 kbit / s. The player for listening to the radio works perfectly both on tablets and smartphones of all versions of Android. Now the Internet radio will be with you anywhere, anywhere. 24 hours a day.

Our team GiBFM

We are working on pure enthusiasm and have invested quite a lot of money in the project. Some of you have already helped us financially. However, if you want to help make our project even better, you can make your contribution to our wallet.
We do not need money for our own needs, not for wanting to cash in on poor / unfortunate organizers, but for supporting the site and further innovating, organizing prizes for radio listeners, and paying for the server - after all.

Yandex money

Payment system Visa QIWI Wallet