Новый ЕР, клип и другие новости от 1919

Сегодня всем подписчикам бэндкемпа 1919 пришла новость о готовящемся выходе нового ЕР - DNA EP, купить по предзаказу который вы можете уже сейчас. Так же к выходу готовится LP Deathnote в формате красного винила, а так же выпущен клип на трек a hymn of the night. Ниже можете ознакомиться с самим сообщением, а так же клипом.

Dear fellow nineteen nineteenies,

Our DNA EP (out Nov 27) is available to pre-order now on cassette!

"D.N.A" and "A Hymn to the Night" will be included as bonus tracks on the vinyl release of Bloodline (expected in January), but as they are the final studio tracks recorded with Mark, we also wanted to release them as they were originally intended.

The Bloodline CD is also now available to buy directly through us on bandcamp, and you can buy our whole digital catalogue for 30% off.

Check out the new video for A Hymn to the Night (track 2 on the A-side), made by our own Rio, and featuring Mark's talented daughters as dancers.

The support you show us is frankly phenomenal, and needless to say we wouldn't be able to continue without it. So we hope you enjoy the new release and are as excited as we are to finally have something on tape (it's our first one ever!)

2017 has been a rollercoaster (if you'll excuse the trite metaphor), losing a huge part of the family and really not knowing if we'd still be here as a band, and releasing our first album since Machine. But we've had the honour of coming to play for you all over Europe and now we're optimistic about the future.

So in January we will finally have Bloodline on red vinyl, and after that, 2018 can bring it on!

Tribally yours,
Mick, Rio, Karl, and Sam x